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Moodle for Teachers (M4T) is a free online school. M4T was developed in 2009 by Dr. Nellie Deutsch to bring free e-leanring to developing and developed countries in blended and fully online programs. The aim of the online school is to provide free Moodle training for teachers, technology coordinators at schools and businesses, and ICT leaders around the world. In addition, M4T offers free  professional development courses, MOOCs, webinars, online conferences, and other online events foe educators around the world. 

To learn more about the site and how you can make the most of the free online courses, conferences (CO09-CO20/MMVC11-20), get a certificate, organize or join MOOCs (Moodle and Virtual Worlds), please read about the site, follow the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and use the support to ask questions, add comments, and make suggestions. 

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Moodle for Teachers Online Academy offers free online events. M4T caters to the needs of a community of teachers and students. The school organizes free professional development courses for the public. 

The platform is a learning (LMS) and course management system (CMS) called "Moodle". Moodle provides teachers and learners with an engaging platform. 

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Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D) is a Canadian education technology consultant, curriculum and instruction developer, blended learning practitioner, relationship-based transformative mentor, researcher, writer, speaker, and community builder. She combines technology and professional development courses with teamwork, peer learning, mindfulness practice, the Alexander technique, and the Silva Method.

The course content and activities are geared to learner autonomy-supportive teaching.  The course is suitable for school stakeholders as well as caregivers. Participants will learn how to teach to encourage learner autonomy. They will learn to identify and cater to students' needs, interests, and preferences by creating opportunities for students to become independent autonomous learners. 

The course start date is August 1, 2020.