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Get your certificate for reflecting on 5 of the webinar recordings available on Youtube for the Fall Blog Festival on September 21, 2014. Here are the recordings:

EFLtalks answers - 10 in 10 for YOU

EFLtalks, talks for teachers, in keeping with the idea of producing new, creative and innovative methods of providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to EFL teachers worldwide, will flip their upcoming web event.  

The Fall Blog Festival (FBF) is a free one day 12-hour blog festival event showcasing bloggers, their work, and valuable tips for blogging for reflective practice, work with students, business and other reasons. This event took place online on WizIQ, on September 21, 2014.  Highlights include: Why blog, background to blogging, influential bloggers, getting started, and best practices and challenges involved in blogging. You can watch the recordings of the Fall Blog Festival in the courseware on Youtube playlist for


Submit your blog post reflections on 5 of the webinar recordings and get your certificate here. 


You're invited to reflect on 5 of the live session recordings in your blogs and get your certificate. You may review the recordings of the sessions under courseware of the SBF presentation area or on the

and access "Assignment" to submit your work. You may also download and review the powerpoint and other content material under courseware. There is no time limit so don't rush and enjoy the process.