With the quick development of technology in education there has come a fervent need for applying different assessment techniques regularly whether formative or summative ones. Yet, what kind of assessment should we use? Thus we would like to help the attendees to work online through their mobiles or ipads to share in applying different apps to see how easy it is to use them and apply them at their schools. 

An  EVO17 session for teachers who want to explore how QR Codes could be useful in motivating learners and teachers..

If you are one of these teachers, but do not know how to create and use QR codes in your classes, please feel free to join us. 


Teaching EFL to Young Learners sessions will examine teaching English to Young Learners and Teens from around the world using using storytelling, games, action songs, and zero to low resources.  

By the end of this workshop, participants will have: 

  • brainstormed and discussed teaching YLTs around the world

  • discussed methods of teaching young learners via storytelling, games, actions songs, and arts and crafts with zero to low resources.

  • created activities using storytelling, games, action songs, and arts and craft via zero to low resources.

TEFL2YL is designed for teachers, parents, caregivers, and everyone involved in teaching young learners and teens irrespective of context or degree of experience. Participants will be expected to have the basic skills necessary to communicate in online discussions.


The participants of this EVO session will try out a range of listening activities that are informed by research into teaching listening skills and expand their knowledge of online resources and tech tools for teaching listening. 

The session is sponsored by the IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group (LT SIG).

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CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning - is a "dual focus" methodology, fostering the development of language competences and the delivery of subject content at the same time.

It referes to the learning of a curricular subject in a foreign language, with great advantages in terms of students' learning outcomes and cognitive processes.

CLIL is spreading more and more, as an integrated part of school curricula in many countries. In order to implement this innovative approach, the role of teacher training is essential.

This EVO session is aimed at spreading CLIL methodology, combining teaching strategies and technical tools and eliciting reflections and discussions among teachers from all over the world. It is important to share good practices from the different countries and learn from other colleagues through synchronous and asynchronous web meetings.

Webinars with national and international CLIL experts will be a highlight of this session.