Self-based courses on how to use Moodle

Moodle MOOCs Advanced Training for Moodle Teachers (AT4Mt) is an annual 4-week course from May 1 - 31.  The course is available to graduates of Moodle for Teachers EVO and Moodle MOOCs. Fill in this form to apply to be enrolled in the course. 

Members of the course will have their own individual Moodle course on and create the following items for an online course of their choice:

  • Resources
  • Activities 
  • Blocks

This is the 16th Moodle MOOC. The first Moodle MOOCs took place 3 times a year. They started in 2013. The goal of the Moodle MOOC21 (MM212) is to introduce the participants to a learning management system called Moodle for face-to-face, blended, and fully online programs. 

Moodle MOOC 21 (MM21) will take place on the latest Moodle 3.10.3 (latest version). Participants will learn how to teach online using resources, activities, and blocks available in a Moodle course as students and practice in the role of a teacher and manager of a course. They will learn to engage in team peer learning, to create video tutorials using Screencast-o-Matic, Flipgrid, Vimeo, and ZOOM (screen recording) to document learning and to use in a flipped classroom, and to manage their own Moodle courses. In weeks 2 - 5, participants will work collaboratively to create a team policy and syllabus using Google docs and to develop their own Moodle courses. 

Weekly digital badges and a final certificate will be available for participants who complete the tasks.  

Moodle for Teachers has 3 advanced 4-weekly Moodle training courses for teachers. Moodle teachers has 3 free advanced 4-week Moodle training courses for advanced learners of Moodle. Advanced learners, who receive a certificate of completion from past Moodle MOOCs or EVOM4T sessions, can take 2 advanced courses on how to design and develop Moodle courses and how to manage a Moodle site.

These are the advanced Moodle Courses:

Fill in the form if you'd like to apply for one or more of the above courses:

Design Moodle Online Courses (DMOC) is a 4-week online course for anyone who wants to design, develop, and teach their very own online course using Moodle. Participants of the course will learn about instructional course design and create individual courses using the resources, activities, blocks, and other features available in a Moodle course. The courses can be backed up, downloaded, and transferred to Canvas, installed on other Moodle sites (schools or organizations of your choice), hosted and given for free on Moodle for Teacher, or hosted for a tuition fee on Integrating Technology.  

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Registrations begin on May 24. 

Donations are welcome!. 

Manager of a Moodle Site (MOMS) is a free online course on how to manage a Moodle site as its manager. This course is for graduates of Moodle for Teachers Moodle training as a teacher and manager of a Moodle site. The course is team-based, so it's not self-paced. Registration for the next course starts on June 1, 2021.

Manage a Moodle Site (MMS) course is a free 4-week training course for advanced learners of Moodle. The course includes user, course, and other manager activities on a Moodle site. The course is for those who wish to manage a Moodle site of their own or someone else's. 

Advanced learners, who receive a certificate of completion from MM21 or past Moodle MOOCs or M4TEVO21 session, can go on to learn how to manage a Moodle site. The site used to practice has the latest Moodle version.

Participants that complete Moodle MOOC 21 successfully with a certificate of completion can go on to take MOMS.