Asynchronous (Learning and Content Management Systems) and Synchronous (ZOOM, WizIQ, Congrea, Google Meet and other live online realtime) learning platforms 

Evaluation and Measurement is a free 14-week online course that includes evaluating and measuring the layout, instructional design, learning outcomes, and student feedback of online courses and programs for the purpose of improvement. 

Participants will learn about criteria involved in evaluating online courses. They will use action research to evaluate and measure their online learning courses and programs. Participants will be introduced to blended and fully online courses, action research projects, including problem statements and purpose of evaluating online courses, literature review, research design, data collection, data analyses, oral presentations and written reports so they can evaluate their online courses.

The course starts on November 1, 2020. 

We need to remember that learning and teaching online is not only about creating and sharing assignments online. It's also about human interactions.” Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D

Remote communication is very important in our lives. We can't always be physically available for our students, colleagues, business associates, and our loved ones. 

Live Online Virtual Engagement (LOVE) is an 8-week free online course that aims to provide you with practical know-how on how to connect and interact with your students, family, business associates, colleagues, and others in a live online class. You will learn how to use ZOOM, WizIQ, GoBrunch, Congrea, ezTalk, Google Meet, Jitsi, Microsoft Team, Big Blue Button, Streamyard, and other free web tools. 

Dr. Nellie Deutsch will discuss free platforms and tools you can use to engage your audience. 

Here's how: 

Many teachers both experienced and new to remote learning may be wondering how to engage students online. This free online course is for educators to learn what they can do with their students during lock down or in addition to their regular face-to-face or fully online classes. 

Teach and Engage Learners Online (TAELO) is a team time-based peering learning course. Registration starts on July 1. The duration of the course is 10 weeks. The course starts on July 12 and ends on September 20, 2020. Participants will create courses using 5 asynchronous and 8 synchronous platforms. 

The recordings of the ZOOM meetings will be available on YouTube. 

You can subscribe and watch the following playlist for videos on how to teach online with free tools