Many teachers feel alone. They wish they could share information and ideas with other teachers around the globe. This course provides teachers with opportunities to collaborate with other teachers on how to blend and flip their classes with technology.

This is a free hands-on professional development course for educators and/or anyone who wants to share information in a socially meaningful way. The course includes live online classes (with recordings), content, discussions, and hands-on activities.

Participants will learn how to create videos using Live Online Classes such as ZOOM meetings, WizIQ live classes, BBB, Congrea, Jitsi, and MS Teams and Screencast-o-matic to screenshare and record. They will be using Google PowerPoint presentations to collaborate and present. They will upload the video files to Youtube and Vimeo for blended learning, the flipped class, to share their work. Participants will learn how to teach with web technologies such as google drive, Canva, badges, Padlet, Quizlet, and EdPuzzle. 

Participants who complete the tasks will receive a certificate of completion.

Course Highlights
  • Create Videos Using Screensharing Tools & PowerPoint Presentations
  • Learn How to Teach and Share Information
  • Learn to Teach Online with Google Drive
  • Create Videos using online virtual classes and upload them to YouTube
  • Learn How to Reward & Motivate Participants with Badges and certificates

The course starts on October 1 and ends on November 30, 2020. 

In this course, participants will learn, discuss, teach, and reflect on language learning to speakers of other languages. The free online course is for teachers from around the world. The course includes language learning theories, approaches, teaching methods, motivation and classroom management by learning how to become supportive of learner autonomy. 

The course start date is March 1, 2021. 

This is the first of a series of lectures on language learning.

In the next video, Dr. Deutsch will discuss approaches to language learning so stay tuned for more.

The course content and activities are geared to learner autonomy-supportive teaching.  The course is suitable for school stakeholders as well as caregivers. Participants will learn how to teach to encourage learner autonomy. They will learn to identify and cater to students' needs, interests, and preferences by creating opportunities for students to become independent autonomous learners. 

The course start date is August 1, 2020.