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Mindfulness Practice is a weekly live event with recordings for everyone who'd like to try start a Mindfulness Meditation Practice. Dr. Nellie Deutsch, an experienced mindfulness meditation practitioner, will help you start your practice. The sessions will take place on ZOOM. Attendees must have their cameras open. 

Join our weekly mindfulness practice live on ZOOM meetings every Monday at 10 AM EST Toronto for about an hour. There are no recordings. The presentation will be available to download or print out.

The human touch is critical to our wellbeing. In times of social distancing, online virtual meetings provide an alternative to  face-to-face communication. Let's learn how to care for our mental and physical well-being in this remote self-care course for educators. 

Self-Care for Educators (SC4E) will have live online meetings of mindfulness meditation practice that can do anywhere whether at home, in the office, or in a place of your choice. You can use your phone for the practice. The recordings will be available, so you can practice daily. 

The course starts on August 1, 2020 and ends on September 11, 2020. There are 6 live online ZOOM classes with recording for those who cannot attend or would like to review the content of the meeting. The course will remain open for the duration of the year.