Moodle MOOCs take place 3 times a year. The first Moodle MOOC started in 2013. The goal of the Moodle MOOCs is to introduce the participants to a learning management system called Moodle for face-to-face, blended, and fully online programs. 

Moodle MOOCs take place on the latest Moodle (latest stable version). Participants learn how to teach online using resources, activities, and blocks available in a Moodle course as students and practice in the role of a teacher and manager of a course. They also learn to engage in team peer learning, to create video tutorials using Screencast-o-Matic, LOOM, Flipgrid, Kahoot, Voki, Vimeo, and ZOOM (screen recording) to document learning and to use in a flipped classroom, and to manage their own Moodle courses. In weeks 2 - 5, participants will work collaboratively to create a team policy and syllabus using Google docs and to develop their own Moodle courses. 

Weekly digital badges and a final certificate will be available for participants who complete the tasks.