Topic Name Description
Week 1: Orientation and Introductions Page Quizlet on Netiquette

Here you can review and test your understanding of Netiquette rules.

Page Grammar Metaphors on Padlet
Page Some helpful resources

Check out the following resources as we think about why we learn/teach grammar. 

  1. Here are some questions for reflection as you review the resources below:
  2. How would this knowledge of language structures inform your teaching?
  3. What do you think is the difference between descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar?
  4. Do you think spoken and written forms of the language use different sets of word patterns?
  5. What defines a "standard" version of grammar?


Week 2: Teacher Knowledge Page Share your responses to a reading on grammatical terminology

Read, reflect and collaborate


URL Shared document to sign up for a group for Option # 1
Week 3: Practice: Lesson Plans and Activities Page List of Grammar Points to Choose from for Lesson Planning Activity
Week 4: Practice: Error Correction(?) and Feedback Page How to Use Google Forms
Week 5: Ongoing PD and Session Wrap-Up URL Feedback Survey

Please fill in the following feedback survey. 

Recordings and Weekly Summaries File Week Five Summary
File Intro to Week Five
File Week Three Summary and Intro into Week Four
File Week Two Summary
URL Intro to Week Two Activities
Please click on this video to familiarize yourselves with what you can do for Week Two of our session, and let me know if you have any questions. 
File Weekly One Summary
URL Intro to Week One Activities

Please watch this recording as it walks you through Week One activities

URL EVO20 Kickoff Webinar Recording

This is a recording of the EVO2020 Session Kickoff Webinar

Shared Links and Resources Page Shared Document to Add Helpful Links and Resources

Please feel free to view and add any grammar resources here.