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    About Moodle for Teachers (M4T) Online School 

    Moodle for Teachers Online School offers free online events. M4T is a community of teachers and students. The community offers online professional development courses for the public. The platform is a learning (LMS) and course management system (CMS) called "Moodle". Moodle provides teachers and learns with an engaging platform. 

    Many schools and organizations use Moodle as their LMS. According to Moodle headquarters, there are currently 108,767 registered sties from 228 countries. There are 720,871,294 enrolments and 155,548,809 users for 18,583,844 courses.

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    Watch the videos by clicking on the menu tab below to learn about each of the features available in all the courses on Moodle for Teachers and how to make the most of your online instruction and learning.