• Week 3: Google Slides

    Week 3: January 26 - February 1, 2020

    In week 3, participants will team up in groups according to debate topics from 50 topics and create team presentations. They will create an account on Canva and join the collaborative folder and group https://www.canva.com/folder/FADvgUGo0F0

    One person should create the Google presentation slides and give editing rights to the team members by adding their gmails to the "share" feature on the top right of the doc. 

    The aim of using Google slides is for all the members of the group to add their input. It's all about team collaboration. Please add me to the doc with editing rights. My gmail is nellie.muller.deutsch@gmai.com

    Recording of the Live Online Meeting for Week 3

    Tools and Resources

    • 50 Debate Topics (PDF files)
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    • Team Presentations using Audio Forum
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