• Overview and Syllabus

    Moodle MOOC 15 (MM15) will take place from June 1 - 30, 2020 on Moodle for Teachers. The purpose of the MOOC is to connect with educators for instruction and learning, reflective practice, social and collaborative learning, cultural exchange and peace, personal and professional development, community building, best practices and challenges involved in teaching with and without technology, student engagement with the content, peers, and the facilitator, and learning to teach online with Moodle course and learning management system.

    Moodle MOOC 15 Playlist on Youtube

    You can view (keep watching or use the arrows to move on) and/or subscribe to the following playlist to learn more about Moodle and its features before, during, and after the course.


    The playlist is a work in progress so more will come. If you'd like to see a video on a specific feature, please contact Nellie Deutsch

    Moodle MOOC 15 Playlist on Vimeo