• Overview

    Well organized Communicative activities make teaching and learning engaging and efficient as it leads to the effective learning outcomes of ESL courses like good communicators and collaborators.

    The goal of the course is to get familiarise the course participants with a lot of Moodle activities and resources to bring their students in real situations where they can collaborate and engage.

    As ESL/EFL teachers we need to resort to authentic activities and tasks that promote online communication. This course looks at this angle of EFL and helps teachers explore online opportunities and enrich their teaching repertoire

    Session Objectives

    By the end of the session, participants should be able to

    • create and edit basic activities, resources, and use blocks
    • to collaborate online on digital resources efficiency by completing Google Drive Document and Forums with peers
    • add communicative activities with a focus  on speaking/listening/reading/writing and resources on Moodle
    • to design a Padlet wall to share communicative activities 

    Target Audience

         EFL and ESL teachers working with students of different language proficiency (high school, tertiary, colleges) with basic experience of teaching on Moodle.

    Technology Tools

    Google Drive docs