• Padlet Wall or Wakelet

    Participants will showcase and reflect on the "remake of the course Padlet wall" (see the Padlet wall below) or on the Wakelet https://wakelet.com/i/invite?code=f623ded to showcase their videos and reflections throughout the course. 

    Instructions for Wakelet

    Instructions for Padlet 
    Get a free account on Padlet in our Moodle for Teachers School

    • Get a free account on Padlet.
    • Access the course Padlet wall.
    • Remake the course Padlet wall.
    • Add your name to the title of your Padlet wall. 
    • Share the link of the remake of the course Padlet wall in the discussion forum of this section. 

    Watch the video on how to remake the Padlet wall of the course.