• Congrea (1000 Particpants)

    Congrea Free Virtual Platform 

    Congrea provides free access for 100 participants for anyone who has an account or 1000 participants for 100 teachers on Moodle for Teachers. Members of L.O.V.E. who complete the course successfully (get all the badges) and qualify for a certificate, will get a free Congrea account for up to 1000 participants to teach.  

    In this section, participants will learn about and give classes on Congrea.

    Enrol in a Congrea practice course here https://moodle4teachers.org/mod/congrea/view.php?id=22268. The system will automatically assign you the role of a manager (teacher). 

    The practice area is open to many teachers, so you will need to give your class at the scheduled time or delete it so others can. No one will be able to give a class as a teacher unless you give your class. 

    If you want your own Congrea area, you will have to fill in this form: https://forms.gle/fyWErxxCV3gCinPr7

    Please remember to delete your old "upcoming events" or others won't be able to give their classes as teachers. They will be joining your class.