• ezTalks

    ezTalks offers free live virtual online meetings for a limited time of 40 for 100 attendees. The meetings can be recorded and converted to MP4. In this section, participants will give a live online class to each other, share the recordings, and reflect on the Padlet wall.  

    Instructions of the week:
    1. Participants will get a free account on ezTalks.
    2. They will create 3 video tutorials using Screencast-o-matic. 
    3. The video tutorials: 
        • will demonstrate how to schedule the ezTalks meeting.
        • highlight the features that ezTalks has.
        • demonstrate how to use each of the features available in your ezTalks. 
    4. Participants will create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic they would like to present to their students, a lesson, or demonstrate a tool. 
    5. Schedule a meeting on ezTalks.
    6. Share the "join" link of their session with the other members of this course or on social networks.
    7. Give the class. 
    8. Get an account on Padlet.
    9. Remake the course Padlet wall.
    10. Share the link of the remake of their Padlet wall.
    11. Add the recordings of their ezTalks meeting to the remake of the Padlet wall.
    12. Reflect on the process of scheduling and giving the ezTalks on their Padlet wall under their video recording.
    13. Share the link to your Padlet wall in this discussion forum.
    14. Remember to respond to one other discussion thread. 
    15. Team discussions
    16. Team live online class