• Week 2: Users & Editing MOMS

    Week 2: Administration of a Moodle Site, Collaborative Course Development on MOMS, and Users
    Recording of ZOOM Meeting

    In week 2, 

    • you will learn about the features available under users.
    • you will create a video tutorial outlining each of the tasks a manager can do under users. 
    • you will be collaborating on MOMS https://moodlemoocs.com/course/view.php?id=5 on Moodle Site for Managers (MS4M) where you have manager rights. 
    • You may do the following to store your files for the team as you collaborate on our MOMS course:

      1. Create a student or teacher folder. Since you're manager, I would create a teacher folder for all the files. 
      2. You may create a group for your team and add a group folder.
      3. You may create a Google drive folder for your team and add the files (images, audio, video, text, slides) to the folder.