• Week 1: Emotions (Jan 11-17)

    Week 1: Emotions

    Monday (January 11, 2021)


    Click this Link for Live Session on 11th January 2021 at 9.00 AM Toronto Time  

    This is the Logo for Google Meet- a place holder for the link to the Live Session   https://meet.google.com/bvp-igfa-brc

    As we begin this course in Wellness, we need to understand where we are and where we need to be. This requires an understanding of the SELF:

    • Who am I?
    • What am I?
    • What do I want?
    • What makes me happy or sad?

    In order to understand the ‘Self’, we must first understand our emotions that lead to thoughts and actions. Broadly, emotions are intense feelings, sensations, or reactions aroused by events, thoughts, actions, or situations, either occurring in the present or having occurred in the past or anticipated to occur in the future. These are one's response to the surroundings; the immediate environment (or perceived to be existing in our reality). These are triggers that lead us to act in a certain way thus setting the ‘Cause and Effect Cycle’ in motion either in a positive or negative way. To ensure our Wellness, we must have the ability to recognize our emotions, analyse the causes for our feelings, and direct them in a way that they lead to ‘Physical and Mental Wellness’


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