• Course Overview

    Useful strategies for designing effective online courses

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    Consistent and high-quality course delivery is essential to student engagement and success. Such high-quality delivery, however, is fully dependent on organizational course design practice. Online course design is rooted in the same solid principles of face-to-face teaching, but requires additional considerations. Traditional lecturing is replaced by a variety of multimedia communication tools. Teaching in a fully online environment can be difficult even for experienced online instructors when they have to prepare a new course. However, with a few helpful tactics, the process can be smooth and enjoyable. In this course participants will learn some effective techniques and some types of design that any instructor can use to successfully design an online course. 


    This online course is for people who want to learn effective techniques for designing online courses.

    Duration of the Course

    6 weeks (1 week for 1 course section)

    Objectives of the Course

    By the end of this course participants will be able to: 

    • develop a structural programmatic approach to good-quality course design;

    • organize and present information in their e-Learning courses effectively and make them appealing for their learners;

    • develop digital literacy skills;

    • organize teaching and learning in the most effective and engaging manner;

    • facilitate effective online courses aimed to achieve specific learning goals and outcomes using the vast resources and capacities of online learning.