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Week 1 and Badge

Week 1 and Badge

by Malika Temirgaliyeva -
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Could you answer please, is it possible to get the badge for week 1? I completed my last task of week 1 on the 20th of January. Was it too late? 

I have attached the video tutorial and commented to other participants. But I have not got the badge yet. Maybe I have made a mistake? 

I still cannot complete the tasks of week 2.

Thank you! 

I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards, 

Malika Temirgaliyeva

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Re: Week 1 and Badge

by Deleted user -
You may have misunderstood, but the platform for FAQ is about the site. It is not about individual courses on the site. Please use the support forums on the site for questions.