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Week 1: Orientation and Introductions Introductions Forum: Let's get acquainted! 0
Survey Results Forum

I will be sharing the results of our anonymous survey. Please post your reflection on the results here. Click on [Add a new discussion topic] and share your reflections!


Please find attached here the Week One Survey Results so far. You can share your ...

Week 2: Teacher Knowledge Week Two Presentation Forum

In your presentation, please provide the following:

1) Your grammar point (for example: a specific verb tense; a sentence type; Yes/No question formation .....)

2) Relevant Content Knowledge you have about that grammar point (how the tense is structured- when it is used- what ...

Week 3: Practice: Lesson Plans and Activities Week 3 Discussion Forum

Please share your teams' lesson plans here.

Please be mindful of netiquette as you give and receive feedback.

Week 4: Practice: Error Correction(?) and Feedback (Optional) Comment on the results of our survey on error correction 0
Share your error correction/feedback and comment on others' work

error correction

For this discussion, please follow these steps before you share your post:

1. Copy the Sample Student Writing and paste it into a word document, a Google Doc or an pad.

2. Make the necessary annotations as you would to a student for correction/feedback.

Week 5: Ongoing PD and Session Wrap-Up Observation as PD

As you observe the lesson and complete the checklist, reflect on:

(1) Observing other teachers and (2) Being observed by other teachers as valuable opportunities for professional development and self-awareness.

Please share your thought here. You may want to upload your completed...

Word-Cloud Reflections!

As we approach the end of our session, you are encouraged to reflect on your EVO 20 Grammar for TESOL experience! 

1. Start by writing a paragraph summing up your experience: reflecting on grammar- interacting with other teachers from all over the world- learning about new tools ...

PD Goals
As we get closer to the end of our session, you may reflect on and share with us possible professional development goals/plans for incorporating more effective grammar instruction into your classes.   
Session Support Forum Session Support Forum

Please use this support forum to ask questions and/or make suggestions regarding our session. Please also feel free to respond to other participants' posts.