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Support for CO18 Support Forum (ask questions here)

Please feel free to ask questions, add comments, and make suggestions regarding CO17 in this forum. 

Get Acquainted Get Acquainted

Please introduce yourself. Tell us what you do and share how you use the Internet to share information. What are your favourite websites?  

Respond to at least 2 other participants to qualify for a badge and final certificate. 

Begin by clicking on the following link and ...

Reflections Reflections (Submit your Padlet Wall with the 10 Reflections and Respond to one other person)

Instructions for the 10 reflections

A. Watch the following video on how to remake my Padlet wall:

B. Do the following:

  1. Remake my Padlet wall (see Padlet link above).
  2. Reflect on 10 of the sessions on CO18 on your Padlet wall.
  3. Share the link of your Padlet wall on my...
Open Discussion Chatting about the Sessions (Discussion) 11