Let's get acquainted! 

Please access the discussion forum, add a new discussion topic, introduce yourself, and respond to one other post.  

To start you off, add 2 stories about yourself that are true and one story that is false. See if the other members of MMVC19 can guess which is true and which is not. 

You will get the box next to the forum ticked off and receive a digital badge once you add a new topic and respond to one other person. Each badge will bring you closer to the final certificate for participating in MMVC19. 

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A Participant from Tunisia 8 Besma Maraoui
Greetings from Lithuania 2 Nellie Deutsch
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Hi, I'm Vance 5 Vance Stevens
Halina from Poland 4 Halina Ostankowicz-Bazan
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Hi poonam vohra India 0 Poonam Vohra
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Two Truths and One....Not So Much! 1 Zahra Shafiee
Marco T - Intro - 3 stories 1 Zahra Shafiee
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Conference 2019 2 Sheryl McCoy
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Introduction and two stories 3 Nellie Deutsch
Yemeni teachers of English language 7 Fatima Mohammad Al-Sharee
Intro and two stories 4 Renata Petrevska Nechkoska
Two Truths and a Lie 3 Viviana Diaz
Fact or Fiction? 8 Zahra Shafiee
Yuliya from Russian Federation 3 Nellie Deutsch
From Sri Lanka 3 Nellie Deutsch
Non-conformist or Not 6 Nellie Deutsch
Deep in the Amazonian Jungle 4 Erzsebet Bekes
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