Word-Cloud Reflections!

As we approach the end of our session, you are encouraged to reflect on your EVO 20 Grammar for TESOL experience! 

1. Start by writing a paragraph summing up your experience: reflecting on grammar- interacting with other teachers from all over the world- learning about new tools or anything else you would like to share.

2. When you finish, create a word cloud (a word cloud is a picture of a text highlighting the more frequent words), using any of these tools: wordclouds; wordart; wordle;worditout 

3. Upload and discuss your word cloud results here by adding a new discussion topic.

Word Clouds are a visual representation of the frequency of words in a text. It is a great tool to use with your students as they show high frequency words in their own writing; you can also insert a reading and create a word cloud where students can visually see larger text reflecting the main themes and key terms.

This is a word cloud that I created from the article we read last week on Error Correction "To Correct or not to Correct that is the Question"; I created it using wordclouds.com; you can see how the larger text reflects the theme of the article

word cloud

Here is a video on Wordle, but you can use any other word cloud tool:



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