Week Two Presentation Forum

In your presentation, please provide the following:

1) Your grammar point (for example: a specific verb tense; a sentence type; Yes/No question formation .....)

2) Relevant Content Knowledge you have about that grammar point (how the tense is structured- when it is used- what context....)

3) Relevant Pedagogical Knowledge you have in order to teach it- or get learners to practice using it (Using the whiteboard/blackboard/Screen for presentation using visuals to establish context; group work: group formation- seating arrangement- group monitoring)

4) Relevant Pedagogical Content Knowledge: how you will use (2) and (3) in order to teach that specific grammar point effectively. 

5) If you wish, you can add Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: how you will integrate technology 

If you would like to use Screencast-o-matic  to audio or video record your presentation, please do so.

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