Teaming Up

Please create a group or join another group. You can team up in pairs or up to 4 on a team. 

Group Group description Count Members
21st Century Skills Team 1
Focus on essential future skills 4 Member list not available
Together, we can achieve more. After taking up a couple of courses and working in a team, we strongly believe that collaborative learning is one of the finest methods to learn something. Hence, we created a team of four (Anupama, Patricia, Peter, and Mushtakhusen) to work collaboratively for the course and achieve the common course and team goals. Apart from this course, we are going to collaborate for multiple courses in the near future and contribute to society. It will help us to grow personally and professionally. For all of us on the team, Dr. Nellie is our role model in academia and we are going to follow her path helping the learners from different walks of life. We thank Dr. Nellie for this wonderful opportunity to grow professionally and contribute to society. We look forward to learning and sharing from and with you all the co-team on this course. Warmest regards MAPSTAMP Team 2 1. Anupama 2. Patricia 3. Peter 4. Mushtakhusen 4 Member list not available
MoBe MoBe
This team will continue to improve upon the course MoBe and invites the earlier members to join the team 4 Member list not available
Teachers for Teachers (T4T) Teachers for Teachers (T4T)
The team will work on designing PD courses for teachers to help them improve their practices as educators. 4 Member list not available
Team Astra Team Astra
Per Aspera ad Astra - meaning that we'll overcome all the difficulties on our way to the stars. 3 Member list not available
TEAM-Tests,Evaluation and Assessment on Moodle TEAM-Tests,Evaluation and Assessment on Moodle
This group is created to look in the numerous possibilities available on Moodle for tests, evaluation and assessment. 4 Member list not available