List of Grammar Points to Choose from for Lesson Planning Activity

Please take into consideration your teaching context (learners’ level of proficiency and needs) as you decide on the specific focus for your grammar lesson plan:

Verb Tenses (Past-Present-Future)

Verb Aspects (Simple-Perfect-Progressive-Perfect Progressive)

Modals (Modals of Ability: Present/Past- Modals of Necessity & Obligation; Modals of Advice)

Parts of Speech [Word Forms] (Articles- Adverbs: Frequency- Adjectives- Plural/Singular; Equative/Comparative/Superlative; Quantifiers (many-much-some-any; Count/Non-count Nouns; Pronouns; Imperative Verbs; Prepositions: Time/Place/Direction; Gerunds and Infinitives)

Question Formation (Yes/No Questions; H/WH Questions; Tag Questions)

Phrases (Adjective/ Noun/Verb/Adverb Phrases; Verb Collocations: Get-Have-Take)

Clauses (Independent Clauses/ Dependent Clauses: Adjective/Adverb (Time-Contrast)/Noun Clauses; Embedded questions/direct/Indirect Speech; Subject-Verb-Agreement)

Sentence Types (Simple/Compound/Complex/Compound-Complex; Conjunctions)

Conditionals (Zero-First-Second-Third/ Real-Unreal)

Passives (Different Tenses/Aspects; Questions; Negatives)


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